The NX Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the ONYX platform, Fully compatible with all ONYX consoles and PC software, NX Touch is a plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface like no other lighting console.

Navigating The Surface of The NX Touch

The NX Touch has 2 main zones on its control surface.

On the left, we can see 10 Main Playback Faders, with a Main Go section as well. By default, these will follow the playbacks 1-10 at the bottom of the ONYX on-screen interface.

On the right, we see Command Buttons and Parameter Control Encoder Belts. These allow you to program your lights quickly within ONYX.

In-between these 2 sections are 10 multi-function buttons. They can be part of the Playback side, as individual Playbacks or Function Keys, or, they can be a part of the programming side - selecting Base or FX parameter groups. When Playback is selected, these are assigned to playbacks 11-20 at the bottom of the main ONYX display.

The selector on top of these buttons determines the function and can be changed at any time- pressing quickly changes the function vertically (Play/F-Key or Base/FX), and long-pressing switches left to right (Playback vs. Programming).

The NX Touch is integrated naturally into the overall work flow in ONYX. When you see buttons mentioned in this manual, pay attention to your NX Touch - often the button mentioned is located in the Command Buttons section of the NX Touch!