Welcome to ONYX


ONYX is envisioned for creative professionals and new beginners alike. It scales from the smallest shows to the largest touring productions with easy-to-use tools and optimized graphical work environments that can adapt to any task and complexity.

Console systems are available in various sizes to accommodate scale and budget. At any point the full system can be run on PC systems with USB connected control surfaces or simply by intuitive touch screen operation.

ONYX is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-use powerful lighting control platform designed for industrial hardware consoles and PC systems. Internally, the consoles work in combination with a carefully customized Operating System. When installed on PC systems it offers the full power of the platform.

ONYX calculates all processing internally and does not require the use of costly external processing nodes. All hardware is enabled to its full potential, while the ONYX keys provides access to up to 128 Universes depending on PC specifications and license level.