Obsidian Control Systems no longer provides software updates, fixture libraries or repair services for M1, M2GO, and M6 (without ONYX upgrade kit)

Legacy M-Series OS

M-Series Archive


  • M2GO, M1 and M6 will not receive further software updates past Version 4.2
  • M6 consoles can be upgraded using a kit available from Obsidian Control Systems
  • All existing showfiles can be imported into ONYX. They will save with a new file extension.
  • All previous showfiles stay on the PC in the "My MaxxyzFiles" folder.


Final Fixture Library for Legacy M-Series 3.x

M-Series Fixture Library (24.August 2021)


Fixture libraries for M-Series and ONYX legacy software prior to Version 4.6 are created by an independent library service.

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