Updating Onyx on a Console

This installation guide covers updating Onyx on a console. For Updating/Installing on a PC please see: Installing Onyx Update on a PC


Before starting please confirm your console is running Onyx OS 4.10, If you are running a previous version of Onyx OS please see: Installing the Console OS

The OS version can be found under Menu>About in the Onyx Menu



Installing Onyx 4.10

  1. Download the Onyx installer, This can be found on the Download page.
  2. Load the installer onto the root folder of a USB thumb drive.
  3. Plug the USB thumb drive into a rear USB port of the console.
  4. Press the MENU key on the console or the ONYX logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  5. Press Manage
  6. Select Tools from the list on the left.
  7. Press Update
  8. Select the USB thumb drive from the list on the left and select the installer.
  9. Press Install, and follow the onscreen instructions.


Once the console has rebooted it will finish the installation and boot into the updated version of Onyx.