Installing the Operating System


Console software should NOT be updated on or before a show unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Installing or updating the software on an ONYX Console will delete all users files from the console.

Please make back ups before proceeding as you will not be able to recover these files.

Installing the operating system on an ONYX console requires a few different steps, all of which will be covered in this chapter. It is usually not necessary to install a clean OS to update to the latest software. If an OS is required it will be indicated on the software download page. However it is recommended to create a full OS USB stick and place it with the console so in case of a problem the full recovery image is available.

Create a bootable USB stick

Each Operating System is provided as a zip file. Extract the file by right-clicking on it and use "extract all".

A folder will be created with the contents of the zip drive, which are at least the actual OS file in ending in .ISO and the ONYX OS Tool.

1. Insert your USB Flash Drive (min 16 GB)

2. Start the ONYX OS Tool

3. Select the USB Drive. Be careful not to select the wrong drive letter (sd card, external hard drive), this tool will format it completely.

4. Select the ONYX ISO file

5. Click "Create OS"

6. The tool will erase the stick and prepare it for use with ONYX Consoles.

Getting started

Please make a backup of your show files before installation of the Operating System! All files on the console will be deleted.

Disconnect all Network and USB connections from the console!


Please be patient. Some of these steps may result in a black screen for several minutes as the Operating System is deployed internally. Do not shut down the console until the whole procedure is completed. Interrupting the process means to start over from the beginning.

Installing the OS

NX4, NX2, M1 HD, M2GO HD, & M6 (Onyx Upgrade Kit):

The consoles boot from correctly formatted USB sticks when inserted in the back port. The M6 always boots from a correctly formatted USB stick when inserted in the front USB 3.0 ports.


OS Install

After booting from the USB drive the console will show this screen. Press Enter to start the installation.

The system will now copy all the installation files to your console, expand and install them. This can take a few minutes.

The Console will now ask to restart. Remove the recovery stick and press “Reboot” to continue. The desk will installs all files and drivers and may reboot several times. It is completed once the Obsidian ONYX Load Show screen appears

Calibrating the internal mini display

If needed, the internal display of the Console can be calibrated using a tool in the software. Go to Menu > Displays > Configuration and select the Screen tab.

Press the “Calibrate…” button to continue.


Confirm the calibration by pressing “Yes” in the popup box that appears.

Now look at the integrated display and slowly swipe along both arrows with your index finger. Then touch inside the white center box. Calibration is now executed and you can continue using the console.